Brand safety

Internet monitoring in the service of brand safety

Brand safety is one of the most important problems of modern digital marketing. In the context of online advertising, the term “brand safety” refers to practices and tools that help ensure that information about the product or service does not appear in a place that may harm the manufacturer or service provider. Another aspect of brand safety is the need to avoid certain combinations of message contexts, for example: reputable companies producing sports and luxury cars do not want photos of their latest effects of hard work to be next to graphics depicting broken and burned car wrecks.
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Social media and internet monitoring in the hands of HR

How to use the internet and social media to verify and recruit the best candidates for the company? Most often, we put everything into the network as it goes – recruiters can use such data as they want. Especially if they are publicly available. Not everyone is aware of the consequences of their activities. Not everyone sets the priv status of what he uploads on social media platforms. And every entry leaves a mark that can be interpreted in its own way. Especially when we are looking for a new job. Then HR managers and headhunters enter the world of this data.
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Nowoczesne dziennikarstwo

Journalism and media monitoring

There are professions in the world, which are a mission for people practicing them. Most often they require dedication and large amounts of work. Journalism is one of them. An efficient journalist should quickly respond to new events, know where to look for information about them and be able to pass them on. It does not sound like a simple task. That’s why we decided to meet this and show how to facilitate the work of a journalist using media monitoring.

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How to reach customers using Newspoint

Media often called the fourth estate. Nowadays, social media are extremely popular, which from the traditional ones differ mainly because you can communicate in both directions – the sender-recipient and the recipient-sender. This creates great opportunities in the context of business and reaching potential clients. If only you could have access to all messages related to your industry …

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“Women in IT” – the premiere of the report

The percentage share of women among students at technical universities is constantly increasing, and more often girls decide to learn programming. On May 23, 2018, the Carrots Foundation, supporting women in the IT industry, presented the results of the analysis of the situation of women in the IT industry in Poland. The premiere of the “Women in IT” report took place in Mindspace in Warsaw.

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Newspoint summarizes the participation in weXelerate and encourages startups and scaleups for the next edition of the Accelerator Program

In August 2017, Newspoint was selected for the first edition of the Accelerator Program at weXelerate – one of the largest startup accelerators in Europe. From over 1,000 applications from 72 countries to the program, after the selection process, 52 startups from 14 countries were invited, including only two from Poland. The 4 month Acceleration Program (Batch 1) was launched in September 2017.

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