Robert Sadowski from the Netsprint Group to Newspoint

Robert Sadowski went from the Netsprint Group to Newspoint – a company dealing with media monitoring, influencers and big data. He became a digital marketing manager. The role of Robert Sadowski will be a comprehensive responsibility for the communication and promotion of the Newspoint brand and support for the development of the SaaS platform. Earlier, in the NetSprint Group, he was the head of e-marketing and marketing automation manager.

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How to use Facebook to get Employer Branding

Social media these days are multifunctional tools for communication not only between friends, but also those related to marketing and image activities. It is no wonder that employers also see the potential of platforms such as Facebook in employer branding activities. What’s more, with the rapid development of social media and, hence, Internet communication, activities in this area are becoming a necessity.

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Summary of 2017 in social media with the eyes of Newspoint

The beginning of the year is the period of all summaries. Some comment, others anticipate, and we dug in our Newspoint utility for media monitoring, petabytes of words, hundreds of terabytes of data and billions of documents. We warmed up all hard drives to red. We analyzed entries archived in 2017 on popular social media platforms and blogs.

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Newspoint Report – analytics and monitoring of influencers

According to many marketers’ research, influencer marketing is currently the fastest growing method of acquiring customers online, leaving behind SEM, SEO, mailings or display advertising. With the increase of this popularity, there is a growing need to measure the effects of cooperation with influencers. Marketers need so-called common denominator – they want to know in an accessible way which influencer has achieved better results. We need measures that show what the return on investment was, did we reach the right opinion leaders, what was the commitment? Advanced panels for media monitoring with full influencers’ analysis are helpful in this area.

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A research process based on data from net – what you need to know

Over 93% of Polish teenagers use the Internet every day (“Teen 3.0” study). As PwC research shows, every fourth Internet user uses the network 24 hours a day, and 36% are online from eight to twelve hours a day. What are the effects? First of all, we’re producing more and more content. In addition, the opinions and articles we encounter on the web have an increasing impact on both the world view and consumer purchasing decisions. As many as 60% of internet users declare that one of the applications of the network is to search for brands or products that they want to buy (“E-commerce in Poland 2016”. Gemius for e-Commerce Poland).

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