Przyszłość monitoringu mediów

Media monitoring: new technological challenges

Year after year, media monitoring is becoming an increasingly popular tool in building a positive brand image. All kinds of organizations and corporations are fighting against the scourge of disinformation, which, unfortunately, is nowadays the driving force behind a wave of negative opinions, completely not based on facts. A thorough analysis of all publications, comments and references appearing in cyberspace requires a great deal of effort and is extremely time consuming. Technical innovations cause that there is a hope for an equal fight, and what is most important, for defeating in it an army formed from the fake news. All data collected from cyberspace are the basis for creating the right marketing strategy. Deep insights into big data optimize sales and improve customer relationships.

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Monitoring pozycji

How do I monitor the visibility of my website on Google? SEO indicators and tools.

Did you know that monitoring the website’s visibility at Google gives you the opportunity to rationally draw conclusions about how effective positioning activities are? Thanks to this, SEO specialists or website owners can observe on an ongoing basis what changes are taking place in the visibility of the site and the position of individual phrases in relation to the activities. Monitoring therefore ensures the visibility of the party and thus helps to stay ahead of competitors. What is more, the high position of a website in search results is often one of the first effects that can be observed if only SEO actions were planned properly, but also the most important goal of these actions.

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Światowy raport na temat PR 2020

ICCO World Report on PR in 2020

The International Consultative Organisation for Migration The Communications Committee (ICCO) is a global and clear voice in public relations and the communications industry. The ICCO Report The World of PR is the latest analysis of the state of the PR industry in 2020. Based on the responses of 3,000 agency heads operating in 41 ICCO associations, this report contains not only global but also regional data. It provides agency leaders with the insight they need to run their business and their associations with a view to the services they should provide for their clients.

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Monitoring podcastów

Newspoint records an increase in the number of podcasts

Podcasts are audiovisual modern form of expression. They were created as an alternative to blogging and writing texts on social networking platforms. These are programmes you can listen to anytime, anywhere. You don’t need a special music player to listen to podcasts – all you need is a computer or smartphone that supports digital audio files (e. g. in MP3 format) or video files (in the case of video podcasts) and software that downloads and catalogues the transmissions on the basis of the information contained in the RSS files published with the podcasts.

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Platformy social media

Polish social media in a nutshell

The population of Poland slightly exceeds 38 million. More than 30 million users already use the Internet, which means a commitment of almost 79%. In relation to the world reality (57%) this is a high score, but comparing it to data from Western Europe (94%) or Northern Europe (95%) we still have a lot to catch up with. However, it will not be easy to reach this level, as the growth rate is decreasing. Last year we saw an increase of only 1. 1% compared to 7% last year. 

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Newspoint monitoruje TikToka

Newspoint monitors TikTok

From the beginning of 2020, Newspoint – a media monitoring platform – has been expanding its offer with another key source – TikTok. Thus, it significantly increases the global coverage of monitored sources, which already exceeds 150 thousand news sites, 50 million social media sources, 1200 press titles and 200 RTV stations from 75 languages and 170 countries. TikTok is a video platform dedicated to mobile devices, in which over 500 million users are already active worldwide. Enables the publication of short, 15-second videos.

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