Kubota Case Study

Kubota case study – how to use media monitoring

This is the story of how the 25 years old Polish company increased its brand awareness and customer engagement with impeccable media monitoring. Kubota is an immensely popular Polish brand that has been on the market for over 25 years. After successfully winning the hearts and feet of millions of Poles with its iconic flip-flops in the ‘90s, Kubota was reintroduced to the market again in 2018. Newspoint is accompanying them in their market and brand journey.

Kubota needs sophisticated insights and carefully planned actions to monitor and track its presence. They wisely took the decision to use one of the most advanced media tools in order to meet their brand objectives
and track their KPIs: Newspoint media monitoring platform.

Brand goals when using Newspoint media monitoring:

  • Social and Digital Listening
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Reactivation and New Product Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales and Digital Transformation
  • Increasing Engagement

Kubota’s team rely on Newspoint as their key partner for internet and media monitoring from Marketing and PR, to Sales and customer service, Product Development and even the HR. When asked to specify their favourite feature they say without hesitation; “Definitely clear charts, highly intuitive tools, accessible UX and quick help when need”.

More information on how Kubota benefits from the advantages of media monitoring can be found in the specially prepared Kubota Case Study:


https://www.newspoint.pl/Newspoint-Case-Study-Kubota.pdf (PL version)

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