“Effective activities in social media” Newspoint guide

Newspoint has prepared a guide “Effective activities in social media” for every marketer conducting promotional activities on social media platforms. 8 chapters contain tips focused on defining goals and KPIs, increasing efficiency, improving visibility, conducting systematic analytics and measuring effects, improving organizational matters and establishing security policy. The e-book was adorned with the advice of industry experts.

The results of a nationwide survey conducted by the WhitePress agency on the Polish e-marketing market in October 2018 indicate on which online activities marketers usually spend their budgets. The survey was conducted among over 100 people responsible for marketing budgets in companies in Poland.

The number one in the total budget for online activities was social media, which represented nearly 23% of the total expenses. Over 21% goes to SEO and over 19% to SEM. Most marketers participating in the survey indicated that spending on social media (over 58% of responses), SEO (over 54%), content marketing (nearly 50%) and SEM (nearly 48%) will also increase in the future. On the other hand budget cuts are expected for e-mail marketing (almost 15% of responses) and display ads (11% of responses).

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Increasing budgets and focus on social media mean that the purpose, strategy and measurement of selected indicators, their analysis and reporting are also gaining importance. Using expert advice at every stage is not only good practice, but more and more often the “must have” of every person responsible for advertising the brand in social media.

In the guide “Effective actions in social media” you can find tips concerning:

  • the purpose of social media presence (what does the brand want to gain by appearing on social media?),
  • adjusting graphics formats (inserting images in the wrong proportions or resolutions results in the loss of their quality or displaying only part of the image),
  • determining KPIs in accordance with the SMART model,
  • using calls to action,
  • analyzing lead sources (it is better to invest in more effective platforms),
  • organizational policy arrangements (adjusting and coordinating the work of all departments that have contact with social media),
  • analyzing industry trends,
  • competition monitoring.

The guide “Effective actions in social media” can be downloaded from (PL version): https://www.newspoint.pl/poradnik-skuteczne-social-media/

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