Discover the new possibilities of the Newspoint panel!

The social media market brings another challenges and opportunities. Our activities continue to develop and search for new solutions that allow building an ever-growing source base, as well as new modules and facilities that increase the capabilities, ergonomics and intuitiveness of the Newspoint panel. Check out our new solutions in the influencer industry and more.

The Newspoint media monitoring tool offers an extensive statistics module covering all the most important data from an extensive database of online publications from Poland and abroad, press, video and audio materials, as well as comments and mentions from global social channels. Since May 2019, users have access to materials from the VKontakte forums, as well as from LinkedIn blog posts and Slideshare news!

The growing interest in the influencer industry requires better and more precise solutions. We place special emphasis on our influencer module, thanks to which its functionality is constantly increasing. Have a look at a new chart describing the largest number of followers of authors selected according to the keywords specified in the project.

Another new feature allows faster checking of the content published by the selected influencer. Clicking his name on the chart will narrow down the search results to posts and mentions created by the author. Simple and pleasant.

One of the most interesting functionalities of our panel – the ability to tag (categorize publications), has been developed and will significantly simplify the work of more advanced users.

We have introduced a column reserved just for tags, which you will find in the exported .xlsx file. Publications marked with tags are subject to an extended form of filtering, which will facilitate work on the base file. You will learn more about tag functionality from our guide.

Two charts have appeared that specify the time of publication, which expand the metadata tab. With their help you will learn about specific days and times when publications on a given topic appear. This will significantly increase your knowledge about a specific industry, authors, competition or any other monitored sphere.

The last change introduces the possibility of comparing the gender of competitors’ authors. This is the fourth chart describing the differences between competing projects – you can also check the number of publications, share of voice and equivalent.

The holiday period is extremely hot for us. This is a good time for conceptual and implementation work, which effects are and will be visible in the near future. Test the Newspoint panel and use the latest functionalities! More to come soon 😉

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