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The Newspoint analysis and marketing team has prepared a comprehensive “Media Audit” Guide for every marketer and PR-worker who moves with the times. It contains all the information how to analyze the media activity of your own company and brand and how to compare yourself with the competition. What to measure in individual channels to find out the answer to the question whether a given material has been better converted than the previous one. It is a knowledge base about success measures in individual business channels.

A media audit identifies the strengths and weaknesses of marketing communication and indicates all parameters that need improvement. Audit is a key tool when a new communication strategy and brand promotion is created or when it is modified. Professional examination of press, radio, television, internet and social media materials as well as results from search engines or mailings allows for the analysis of media activity of the audited company or brand. Additionally, it enables obtaining data about marketing activities of competitors.

A media audit will help you improve processes, identify trends and find out what is necessary to increase a company’s or brand’s value. The research will show which threads are emphasized in the context of a given company or brand. What is their sentiment, the equivalent, how big is the interest that they arouse, which sources are interested in a given issue, which journalists and influencers most often write about a given topic, about our industry or competition. How do we appear in search engines, do we get high positions? How is the content we create rated and how often are the mailings we send opened? Which content converts best? Are they blog entries, facebook or LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Slideshare presentations or Pinterest infographics?

The Newspoint guide covers the most frequently used channels by marketers:

  • content marketing,
  • search engines
  • social media
  • portals,
  • blogs,
  • announcements,
  • e-mailings,
  • video marketing
  • influencer marketing,
  • press and RTV.

The e-book has been enriched with the results of global research and reports, charts and infographics. In addition, TOP experts from various industries presented their opinions and comments.

You can download the Media Audit Guide (PL) from:

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