Influencer marketing from A to Z

Today the first Polish influencer book “Influencer marketing from A to Z” had its premiere published by WhitePress. Newspoint took part in creating a compilation of the most inspiring profiles of Polish influencers.

,,Influencer marketing from A to Z” is the first such publication in Poland in which you can find:

▶ ️ 4 chapters of practical tips, 36 expert comments, 11 case studies of Polish campaigns, as well as a list of almost 200 influencers from 22 categories.

▶ ️ Practical knowledge answering a number of questions about influencer marketing – from campaign preparation to contracts and final analysis of effects.

▶ ️ A list of the most inspiring profiles of Polish influencers, which we had the opportunity to prepare by creating indicators describing popularity factor, number of mentions in the media, author’s power and many more!

The list was created by Newspoint Team: Maksym Guzewicz – Junior Analyst, Kamil Kalinowski – Junior Analyst, Aleksandra Kamińska – Senior Analyst and Robert Sadowski – Digital Marketing Manager.

The book is now available at:

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