What’s new in Newspoint Panel H1’2018?

Every day we work on the development of the Newspoint Panel for monitoring media and influencers. We strive to fully meet the user’s needs and include as many functionalities as possible. Here is a list of the most interesting novelties that was implemented in the first half of 2018.

* at the end of the word

Convenience in the form of using the “*” sign at the end of the word. It allows you to search for documents that contain words that have a specific beginning. This makes it much easier to set up accounts for words that change by accident or may be the beginning of an important adjective for us.

In the above example, bread * means any occurrence of words bread, bread, breads, bread and others starting with bread.

Downloading statistics

In the Newspoint Panel an option to generate full, graphical statistics from the monitoring results appeared. You do not need to complete separate graphics from different sections, download all the statistics with just one button and use the .png file for your reports, compilations and presentations.

To do this, in the Statistics section, go to the very bottom of the page and click the right button Download statistics.

Alerts from several projects

You can now set up alerts from several projects at once. Until now, each alert was closely related to exactly one project. Now you can receive all the interesting notes in one email notification.

New calendar

We’ve added a new, alternative calendar to make it easier to enter large ranges of dates for wanted publications.

Section “Industry”

We have added a new Industry section to the Panel, which allows you to compare with competing brands against the background of the entire industry or several industries.

We monitor Quora

For some time, you can search in the Newspoint Panel for questions and answers containing interesting phrases appearing on the Quora website.

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