Mariusz Mika w Newspoint

Mariusz Mika responsible for New Business at Newspoint

Mariusz Mika went from Datarino to Newspoint – a company dealing with media monitoring, influencers and big data. He assumed the position of Head of New Business. Mariusz’s role will be acquiring new clients for comprehensive analytical services based on data from monitoring and increasing the income of Newspoint.

Mariusz Mika in his current professional portfolio gained and served, among others brands such as IKEA, the Embassy of Austria, the Embassy of Switzerland, the Embassy of Germany, Stena Line, ITAKA, Giant Polska, Go Sport, Decathlon, Euro RTV AGD, FFiL ŚNIEŻKA, BRW SA. He is interested in providing added value to the client. He believes that offering knowledge to the client along with a variant of its use gives a wide range of opportunities to use services / products on the market where it was to operate.

I like it when the value I deliver builds a client’s competitive advantage. I highly value the model offered by the methodology of David Sandler, which assumes reaching the heart of the topic, humanizes business relations and organizes the sales process. I am also close to the idea of “stand out or die” built on the human personality – adds Mariusz Mika.

At the end of 2017, Newspoint presented a new user panel with an influencer module and metadata, and at the same time, comprehensively changed the visual identification – introduced a new logo, presentation standards and a new website. The new Newspoint panel is available in the SaaS model for users from around the world (Newspoint monitors 75 languages from 170 countries).

Mariusz is tasked with significantly increasing the Newspoint business scale from media monitoring and influencers analytics, mainly from the agency market and large end customers, including foreign markets. Mariusz’s tasks will include acquiring new clients for comprehensive analytical services based on data obtained through the Newspoint tool, development of new Newspoint business areas, such as using big data analytics in content marketing, establishing partnerships that improve sales processes and help increase the company’s revenue scale – says CEO Newspoint Robert Stalmach.

Mariusz Mika has been connected with digital since 2004. The beginnings of his career are Eniro Polska, then more than 10 years in the company Netsprint and recently Datarino Group. Master of History at the Jagiellonian University, also completed post-graduate studies in management in advertising and management of a modern company. Holder of the international ILM 5 certificate issued by The Institute of Leadership and Management in London. Privately, the husband, father of three children, loves mountain hiking, spending time together with family, canoeing. A fan of classic guitar, violin and piano sound. Bicycle enthusiast, as a means of transport. An advocate of strengthening male values in today’s life.

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