Obszary monitoringu marki

Newspoint Guide: 18 areas where you will use brand monitoring

The times when only press spokespersons and PR employees were using media monitoring passed. Brand monitoring is increasingly used in various areas of business operations of enterprises. In the era of such rapid growth of blogs, vlogs, videos, comments, social media platforms and their users, it is a necessity.

Our experience and business relationships show that brands use such monitoring to strengthen employer branding and improve work in HR, view competition, product development, customer service, search for influencers, evaluation of advertising campaigns, social CRM, content marketing measurements, industry trends analysis and even for positioning in search engines (SEO). The number of possibilities is almost unlimited. However, many companies still have no idea that monitoring can be used in this way.

We have written a guide in which we want to unveil the secret and show how and in what areas take advantage of the benefits of internet monitoring, social media, press, radio and television. We described 18 such business issues on 52 pages. We will be very pleased if our guide will help to strengthen your market position, anticipate competition and prevent any crises.

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