How to improve your Employer Branding

Monitoring the situation on the labor market with the use of media monitoring tools is a new opportunity for the employer. Thanks to this, you can build a strong brand of employer faster and more effectively and deal with all the changes that take place around your company on an ongoing basis.

The Internet has millions of sources, thousands of forums, job advertisements, comments, etc. Even a large HR team will not be able to handle this kind of data. Media monitoring helps. There are tools available on the market that allow you to collect all this information without the need to waste time on manual searches.

We note an annual increase in inquiries regarding employer brand research. Google Trends data from the last 10 years shows that in 2017 the number of queries for the slogan “employer” enjoyed an almost 2.5-fold increase compared to 2008. Newspoint’s analysis of the popularity of the phrase “employer brand” showed more than 1,400% increase in its popularity over the course of 8 years: from an average of 5 articles per month in 2010 to as many as 72 articles in 2017. The awareness of companies as to the importance of perceiving an organization on the labor market is increasing.

Millennial generation activity is becoming more and more important in companies – they are starting to create the largest group of employees. They are very active in social media. They comment a lot. What matters is here and now. It is difficult to keep them in one place of work. They perceive the virtual world on a par with real. They shorten the distance in relation to managing persons. This is a new challenge for those responsible for employer branding and a positive brand image.

Employer branding is very important nowadays. Candidates want to get to know their future employer before signing a contract with him. Thanks to media monitoring, the company itself can find candidates, take care of its image as an employer and react immediately to crisis situations. The collected data allow to find out how it is perceived and what can be done to make the employer branding activities more effective.

5 ways to improve employer branding through media monitoring:

  • Find out what they think about you
  • Learn from the best
  • Find the candidates first
  • Fight the crisis before it develops
  • Analyze and draw conclusions


Together with our partners, we have prepared a report that presents the potential of the tool, which is monitoring media in the area of conducting and analysis of employer branding activities on various levels. The use of media monitoring creates completely new opportunities for recruiters and people responsible for receiving the company among potential employees. It is worth paying attention to the comprehensiveness of the media monitoring service in the area of employer branding.


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