Raport Marketing i PR w Polsce 2017

Marketing and PR in Poland ’17

Attention Marketing has published a report that analyzes the functioning of marketing and PR departments in medium and large companies in Poland. Newspoint’s CEO – Robert Stalmach gave him expert commentary. What will we find in the report?

Over the last few decades, Polish enterprises have gone through a long way of development. We have an increasing awareness of marketing, we know, at least in theory, what PR is for and we understand that media monitoring is important in this type of activity. The latest Attention Marketing report shows how it looks in practice. It is above all the only such comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the functioning of marketing and PR departments in large and medium-sized companies in our country. The report is also a set of comments from industry experts who share their experience and comment on the results of the survey.

The publication pays special attention to budgets and expenses that are devoted to activities from the borderline of marketing and PR and shows which of them are perceived as the most important. In the Attention Marketing report, we will also find information on how the performance of marketers and PR employees in companies is measured. The report shows which tools are used and what is the awareness of current global trends in marketing and public relations.

The analysis proves that marketing research is an integral part of creating a sales strategy for companies. The most popular methods include research related to strategy development, sales and brand promotion. The least frequently used by companies is the market research. – says one of the experts, CEO of Newspoint, Robert Stalmach.

Is the awareness of the importance of brand monitoring and its activities among Polish entrepreneurs sufficient? This is one of the questions you will find answer in the Marketing and PR report in Poland 2017.

We encourage you to download the report.

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