Newspoint among the 50 best start-ups in Europe!

Newspoint offering comprehensive data analytics from the media was invited to participate in one of the largest accelerators of startups in Europe “weXelerate”.

On the area of 9,000 square meters at the Design Tower in Vienna, selected start-ups, including Newspoint, will work with leading corporations, investors, industry partners and international mentors from such companies as Google, Uber, Microsoft, Siemens. The interest of global brands in cooperation with Newspoint resulted in choosing him as one of the 50 best startups to participate in the 4-month accelerator, which starts in September.

Newspoint provides comprehensive services related to media research and data analytics: Internet monitoring (social media and websites), press, radio and television, in-depth media analysis and research services based on quantitative and qualitative methods, including content analysis, Social Media analytics, text mining, influencing mapping. Newspoint offers the highest quality of data and the largest scope of monitoring; 75 languages from 170 countries, over 150,000 websites, 50 million sources of social media, 1200 press titles, 200 RTV stations.

Robert Stalmach, CEO of Newspoint: It is an honor for us that we can be in such a prestigious program. Developing Newspoint, we always try to think globally about our product and we also have aspirations when it comes to customer portfolio. That is why participation in weXelerate fits in naturally with our strategy of building an international player in the market of data analytics, media research and monitoring. The opportunity to cooperate with many young, thriving companies from around the world, and additionally mentoring from representatives of such companies as Google, Uber, Microsoft or Siemens, is enormously ennobling and motivating for us at the same time. We are convinced that we will gain many valuable contacts, knowledge, experience and new opportunities from the program.

Hassen Kirmaci, CEO of weXelerate: Vienna Design Tower becomes the center of innovation in Europe. We have received over a thousand applications from around the world from startups who are looking for a unique opportunity to accelerate growth. Our goal is to accelerate the creation of innovative projects and release the enormous potential of potential and creativity in Europe. We would be pleased to welcome Newspoint in our program as one of the most promising startups in Europe.

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