What is media monitoring?

Media monitoring from year to year is gaining more and more supporters, and thus, the number of companies, research centers and scientific institutions deciding to use its capabilities is constantly growing. But what exactly is media monitoring and what does it allow?

First and foremost, it enables quick and cost-effective acquisition of information about where and in what contexts the brand, person or issue is being written.

Every day, both new media and traditional media provide recipients with a huge amount of industry information (about brands, competitors and products). Entities that want to care for their image should not be indifferent to the content appearing on them. Media monitoring is a tool thanks to which you can control the brand image.

How does media monitoring work?

The monitoring process starts with the right selection, the so-called key words, that is, proper names, professional concepts, words characteristic for a given topic, associative slogans, and even synonymous words that may appear in the description of the issue that interests us. In the case of monitoring companies, people or institutions, the most important key word is of course the name of the entity, or name and surname. However, setting additional words – keys, allows you to search for precise information, separate important content from less important or find contexts in which a given company or brand is described. In the next stage, internet resources are searched, resulting in a list of search results. It is possible to automatically visualize the data and generate a report, which in turn allows the dashboard function.

What are the benefits of a media monitoring tool?

The media monitoring tool allows you to track current and archived information. The function of determining the time range of the searched content may be useful for checking the effects of promotional campaigns, consumer reactions to the introduction of a new product, gaining knowledge about competition activities in a certain period. The media monitoring application also allows you to control the flow of information on scandals, factory malfunctions or catastrophes and to react on an ongoing basis.

Internet monitoring also helps to measure and evaluate the effects of communication activities, monitor the market and competition, quickly respond to crises, assess the quality of customer service, product or the company’s image as an employer. As a result, it is possible to control market trends, map bloggers and opinion leaders, evaluate media resonance of issued articles, and evaluate the effectiveness of PR activities. Monitoring is also used in content marketing, sales activities (generating leads), scientific research and in many other areas related to content analysis. Such a tool also allows you to save some time. Thanks to the functional panel, you do not have to manually search the Internet – it provides all the necessary data and compiles them in one place in a transparent way.

What indicators does the media monitoring application provide?

Internet monitoring tools process data and automatically analyze it, which allows you to receive extensive statistics. Thanks to them, the user learns when and where he was most often written on topics related to his research area, he meets the authors of the largest number of posts writing on topics of interest to him, as well as the words that most often appear in the context of his brand name. Thanks to the “share of voice” (Share of Voice) and “brand strength” indicators, he quickly learns the basic parameters related to associations with his brand. Automatic analysis of the overtone and sex of the author, on the other hand, allows to easily identify the current trends in the statements. Determination of the advertising equivalent and the examination of the range of materials allows you to measure the effectiveness of the activities. The technology also allows you to study content contained on social networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or Vimeo. Content written by Internet users on social forums is extremely valuable in the analysis of their moods in a given context. The biggest advantage is the fact that these indicators can be obtained with a single click.

The use of media monitoring (press, RTV stations, internet portals and social media) seems to be an inseparable element of functioning in today’s information society. Every day we are flooded with a wave of data, and thus, we are forced to interpret information with cognitive abbreviations. Such a large amount of data causes us to automate and filter them. Media monitoring is the answer.

The Newspoint tool satisfies the needs of complex analysis of a huge amount of data (BigData) and provides highly efficient analytical solutions. If you want to find out, we invite you to test our tool.

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