Media monitoring with a magnifying glass for observing Internet users

“The panel is meant to be, metaphorically speaking, the key that opens the door to our clients to the world of analysis of the behavior and views of the media and their recipients. Or differently: it is a magnifying glass through which Internet users can be observed “- this is a quote from an interview on media monitoring, which CEO Newspoint Robert Stalmach, recently gave the magazine” Manager + “. Our CEO also annulled the secret of the future of Newspoint. Are you curious? Read on!

The discussion raised many important issues related to monitoring, including about the expectations of clients using our services, important data analysis factors, the speed of their collection, or the comprehensiveness of services, as well as the future of Newspoint. We encourage you to read. Interview below:

What are the expectations of customers who report to Newspoint?

Very diverse; each of them has different business needs and goals, for which he is looking for support in the services we offer. We provide comprehensive media monitoring services, carry out research services for clients from various industries, we help in managing communications, we conduct trainings. The common denominator connecting our clients’ expectations is the need for information. We collect them from various online and press sources, as well as from radio and television. The amount of information that brands have to deal with today can overwhelm and introduce some cognitive “chaos”. We structure this information and present it to our clients as a useful source of knowledge. Therefore, we provide tools that enable our clients to gain information advantage, for example in managing communication strategies or reacting to image crises. In other words: we help our clients interact with users of various media types, analyze data and draw conclusions from them.

Therefore, our clients’ expectations are expressed through diversified goals, the achievement of which is possible thanks to the analysis of data from the media monitoring, with the base goals being: obtaining information from various sources, structuring the collected data and drawing management conclusions. Thanks to our knowledge, our clients can flexibly modify communication strategies with recipients of their products and analyze interactions at the interface of the company and its surroundings.

So what is important in media monitoring from the point of view of clients that Newspoint supports?

Above all, the so-called “Comprehensiveness of services”, i.e. the availability of data from various sources in one place (panel). The panel is to be a basic and universal tool that allows our clients on the one hand effective tracking of selected phrases, and on the other – independent work with the acquired database. The panel is supposed to be, metaphorically speaking, the key that opens the door to our clients to the world of analysis of the behavior and views of the media and their recipients. Or differently: it is a magnifying glass through which you can watch internet users; their online behavior, published posts, shared photos or graphics. Therefore, our clients can, through our tool, enter the role of “observers” who acquire knowledge about the consumers of their products or services.

However, working with our panel is not limited to observation, so monitoring in its pure form. We offer much more. Our research tool enables brands to co-shape the virtual reality in which Internet users are present. Co-forming means listening to the voice of Internet users and on this basis creating or modifying the existing communication strategy. Thanks to the knowledge about Internet users, we can influence their online behavior. We can effectively change their opinions on a topic that has a direct or indirect relationship with the company’s activities. The change, however, is not about forcing anything, a “force” action. Moderation of Internet users’ opinions takes place gradually by adapting the communication strategy of brands to the assumed goals.

And what about, for example, the speed of access to data? There are a huge number of them, they are diverse, they come from many sources, so the access time to monitored content has to play a very important role in providing the media monitoring service. In this respect – is this the time mentioned – customers have expectations?

The time of data sharing is crucial in the world of amazing communication speed, both for us as a company providing services based on new technologies and for our clients. The current rate of growth of content on the Internet has never been seen before in the history of the media. This growth rate is a huge challenge and a task for us as a company whose goal is to provide the most advanced tool for monitoring, researching and analyzing the media. The speed of response to content appearing on the Internet is a key factor in creating the information advantage of brands, while customers appreciate not only the speed of access to data, but also efficient and professional development.

One of our clients’ expectations is to collect content in real time or with minimal delay in relation to the time of publication. Therefore, ensuring the stability, performance and scalability of information systems in the context of the need to index billions of documents is on the one hand a technological challenge, and on the other – a potential competitive advantage of those companies that do it well.

What future development trends do you see for Newspoint?

Above all, the continuous development of our automated research tools. The basic task is to ensure the best quality of data (relevance and the number of results obtained) and to provide multidimensional analyzes in our panel. These goals, although seemingly obvious, require very advanced technology if it is necessary, as in our case, to process millions of new documents a day. Once Manuel Castells, a sociologist and one of the pioneers of research on the Internet and identity on the web, used a very accurate term that characterized the Internet as a “galaxy”. And this galaxy is a major technological and research challenge for the entire media monitoring industry. But not just for her. Our customers must also be found in this galaxy. Users of the network form separate – to remain in the spirit of Castells’ imagery – constellations and constellations. In other words: they create relationships and social networks, however they are only virtual. In the language of marketing research, these are so-called “Target groups” to which brands want to reach through the use of available research and marketing tools. And this is another goal that customers place themselves and indirectly on tools such as ours. Modern technologies and research, including media monitoring, coexist and depend on each other. Although monitoring is a more “dependent” aspect, because this technology is not possible today without technology. Another thing is how we use this technology and monitoring itself in the context of our research and analysis. There is also a “human factor” here, a team of researchers who prepare more complex analyzes for our clients. And this is also a very important direction for the development of Newspoint for the future: the expansion of the research team, whose work and its effects, will continue to distinguish us from the competition, as in previous years.

The interview can also be found under the link: and in the paper version of the “Manager +” newspaper. And we can not wait for another inspirational interview!

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